Towing & Roadside Assistance Services

Towing Falcons Handles The Heavy Duty Loads

You’ve want to leave San Diego and relocate the contents of your four room house to San Leandro. You leased a 30 foot moving van to accommodate all your furniture and treasured items. As soon as you get into the San Leandro environs the tire on your van blows out. Unfortunately you do not have a spare tire and even if there were, you don’t want to have to replace a tire on such a heavy duty vehicle yourself. You need a tow and a heavy duty one at that. Call Towing Falcons because we can handle your heavy load.

Towing Falcons concentrates on heavy duty towing for all types of considerably large vehicles over 10,000 pounds, such as huge trucks, 18 wheelers, box trucks, heavy roadway equipment, and even RVs. Towing Falcons’s tow trucks are specially constructed to handle considerable loads like these. Transporting a van for moving a house like yours is no easy task, but Towing Falcons can handle any heavy duty job. Towing Falcons also provides complete roadside assistance with outstanding service.

Towing Falcons – Years of Outstanding Service

  • Availability any time – Towing Falcons’s tow trucks operate 24/7 to handle all your roadside service needs.
  • We’re always here to provide you with courteous and professional service – we are a reliable transport company that cares about our customers. We will make sure you get the reliable and friendly service you deserve.
  • Fast arrival Time – we are sure to provide you with a response that is timely. We offer one of the quickest response times in the industry.
  • Our pricing is fair so you will always know that you are receiving a competitive price.
  • Towing Falcons has been delivering services to the San Leandro community for many years.

Towing Falcons Also Provides a Complete Array of Roadside Assistance Services

  • Solutions for Car to Lockout Situations
  • Battery Jumpstarts
  • Flat Tire Fixes
  • Gas Refilling
  • Long Distance and Local Towing
  • Flatbed Trailer Towing
  • Dolly Towing
  • Light Duty and Heavy Towing