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Any San Leandro who has ever needed towing services more than once in their lives, knows that it is a little more involved than just a truck and a hook. Our customers have many different needs for towing in San Leandro and the tow truck service at Towing Falcons, has dealt with them all.  For any towing service including San Leandro light duty towing, flatbed towing, and car towing, we are ready to take your call.  We can hook you up with local and long distance towing so no matter where you need to go, in San Leandro or beyond, we have you covered.

Towing Falcons is ready to respond with:

  • Truck Towing Service
  • Car Towing Service
  • Towing Service for Any Vehicle
  • Light Duty Towing
  • Flatbed Towing Service
  • Reliable Tow Truck Service for Any Needs
  • Local and Long Distance Towing

We can provide any San Leandro towing service you need.  We have the trucks and the drivers lined up and ready to roll out, with the right towing service for any circumstance.  We are here to keep San Leandro drivers on the move, because San Leandro is our home, too.

Flatbed Towing

A good towing service San Leandro team can handle the hard jobs too.  And they are prepared to make sure that an already damaged car isn’t going to become more damaged as a result of inadequate car towing.  Even a good towing service can add extra wear on the vehicle you are moving even though it’s not being driven.  When want a towing service that will keep your car safe the whole way, the answer is San Leandro flatbed towing. Towing Falcons provides flatbed towing, anywhere you need it so stuck brakes and axle damage don’t have to become bigger problems than they already are.

Towing Your Own Car Through San Leandro Is Risky

When you need to move a malfunctioning car through San Leandro think twice before you pull out that old chain or towrope.  Have you ever been behind someone towing another car?  What about driving along side them?  Were you nervous?  You had good reason to be.  Poor towing service can be hazardous, not just to the car being towed, but to the surrounding traffic as well.  Even for seasoned San Leandro drivers, amateur car towing can be risky because you never know what traffic is going to do.  Let Towing Falcons provide safe, reliable towing services for all your towing emergencies and non-emergency car towing needs.

Whatever the circumstance, call Towing Falcons for any and all towing services (510) 275-0972